1. Is your home ok after a storm? Here’s what you need to know…

    Your home is designed to stand up to all kinds of weather. Every once in awhile, however, a storm comes through that has you wondering if parts of your home are now in need of repair. Storms here in Colorado can spring up suddenly producing large amounts of hail, wind, rain, and even tornadoes. Micr…Read More

  2. Consider Roof Replacement Cost in Winter Home Maintenance

      Winterizing Your Home Ultimately winterizing your home is a vital part of protecting your home and your possessions. Snow can add extra pounds per cubic foot to your roof, especially wet, thawed or refrozen show. If you live in the North, your roof probably was created to bear this load, howe…Read More

  3. What To Do When A Storm Hits?

    Mother nature can be hard predict, and as a homeowner it’s hard to know when disaster will strike your roof. In those situations it’s important to stay calm and make sure you know what steps need to be taken. Whether it be wind, rain, snow or hail – all can damage a shingle roof. What To Do Af…Read More

  4. What to look for in a roof when buying a new home?

    When you are looking at buying a new home, you want to make sure the roof is in good condition. A roof is one of the most expensive parts of your home to have fixed. So in order to avoid any disasters after the purchase it’s always good to do a thorough inspection. We’ve come up with a checklist…Read More

  5. When should I upgrade my roof?

      Upgrading your roof is a big decision and often it depends on multiple factors. First, consider upgrading your roof when you notice any signs of deterioration, such as edges of shingles are curling, cracked or missing shingles, and of course water leaking. Older roofs tend to cause more problems …Read More

  6. Dealing with Roof Damage of Commercial Buildings in Arvada, CO

      Commercial buildings are susceptible to roof damage and the roofs need to be maintained and repaired on an ongoing basis. If you catch problems in the early stages, you can prevent significant damage which can be costly to repair. Of course, this means you must inspect your roof routinely, so you…Read More