Heated Cables For Your Roof

Colorado winters are tricky. In an instant, the temperatures can plummet and the snow can begin falling relentlessly. While some places along the Front Range are worse than others, nobody gets off too easy.

One of the consequences of heavy snowfall and cold temperatures — especially combined with the chance of the intermittent warm day — can cause ice to build up in your gutters, forcing moisture under your roof and into your home.

Self Regulating Heat Cables

Uses a conductive core. This core becomes more conductive in colder weather, increasing the wattage used in response to dropping temperatures. As the temperature warms months, the core becomes less conductive, thus reducing wattage and energy usage. While these cables do adjust accordingly, they do not turn completely off by themselves so it may make sense to use some form of a controller or thermostat.

Constant Wattage Heat Tapes

Run at a constant wattage regardless of temperature. Have a single thin gauge wire that is undersized to carry the current and therefore heats up.

These type of heat cable cannot overlap as their excessive heat can melt the through the outer insulation allowing the inner wires to come in contact, creating a safety and fire hazard. These type of heat cables typically last a few years as the thin inner wire often fails, much like a light bulb filament.

Heating cables can be the right solution for mitigating ice dams and protecting your roof.


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Fight Back Against Ice Dams

Ice dams form in the winter months, especially in places that experience regular melting and re-freezing like most of Colorado. As the ice fills and freezes in your gutter, it puts pressure against your roofing materials.

As warm air escapes from your home, it can melt these ice dams and cause moisture to soak into the subsurface of your roof. This can cause mold, mildew, and rot which can lead to costly repairs.

Heating cables installed by the pros at Arvada Roofing and Home Improvements let you fight back against ice dams by keeping your roof edging and gutters warm, allowing water from thawed ice and snow to flow away from your roof.

Why Might My Roof Need Heating Cables?

While heating cables might not be the right solution for everyone, they’re an affordable and effective solution to your ice dam problem in lots of situations, including:

  • Poorly designed roof valleys
  • Settled houses that don’t shed snow as well as they used to
  • Homes in places with frequent snow, temperate days, and cold nights
  • Homes that have struggled with preventing ice dams
  • And more

Superior Quality Heating Cable Installation

At Arvada Roofing and Home Improvements, we’re experts in all things roofing, including the installation of roof heating cables. Our professional roofing advisors can evaluate your roof and determine if heating cables are the right solution for your home.

If they’re not the right fix, then we’ll be straightforward about it because, at Arvada Roofing, we don’t just care about doing the job right, we also care about doing the right job. You can count on honesty, open communication, and fair pricing every time you do business with us.

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